Rug cleaning

Cleaning your Persian or Oriental rug is not the same as cleaning normal carpet. Hand-tied rugs are made from natural fibers like wool or silk, and are often dyed using vegetable dyes. For this reason, cleaning must be handled with care without harsh chemicals that can cause the colors to run or the fibers to break down. My cleaning process comes from extensive knowledge of different types of rugs, and what is best to restore them to their original beauty. Please contact me for a rug cleaning quote.

Kilim rug with a damaged edge

After repair

After repair

Rug repair

Repairing a worn or torn rug requires reweaving the section that is lost. We will work to perfectly match the replaced section with the rest of the rug.  

Rug sales & design services

I have a passion for home decorating, and for finding rugs to complete your home. Persian rugs are more than just a carpet. They are a hand crafted art form, and each rug is unique. If you are looking to find a Oriental carpet, I am available to talk to you about what you want and need, and help you find a rug that will look beautiful in your home.